About Gabrielle Allemeier

Along with my amazing career as an ESL teacher, I’ve been fortunate enough to write for blogs such as Feedback Panda. As well as loving my job, my interests include traveling far and wide, playing piano, listening to Finnish metal, reading material from every genre, Netflix bingeing, cooking, rescuing animals, watching the stock market, linguistics, studying German, and renovating my old cabin-style home! One of my goals is to visit at least 25% of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, but in the meantime, I live in Florida with my dog, Thisbe and my cat, Pete.

V.I.P.anda Kelly Tagliaferri

Kelly Tagliaferri Name Kelly Tagliaferri  Referral links/websites you’d like us to include gogokid referral link, click here. VIPKid referral link, click here. YouTube channel, click here. Your Location Stafford, VA Company(ies) you teach for VIPKID, Gogokid, Naativ (hired by them, but haven't [...]

Taxes for Online Teachers

Taxes for Online Teachers Taxes - inconvenient and not fun, but necessary to live in a civilized society. While we online teaching professionals love our jobs, being an independent contractor comes with its burdens--especially taxes. I’m not a tax professional, so I cannot [...]

V.I.P.anda Sandra Girouard

Sandra Girouard Name Sandra Girouard Referral links/websites you’d like us to include gogokid referral code 4VT37XM click here. VIPKid referral code SANDR0012 click here. My blog is You Can Teach Online. My remote services company: Pecan Media Services  Your Location Irondale, Alabama Company(ies) you teach for VIPKID, [...]

V.I.P.anda Merry Buelken

Merry Buelken Me dressing up for Halloween, the bao baos loved it! Name Meredith “Teacher Merry” Buelken Instagram - @merryhappy25 Your Location Cairo, Egypt Company you teach for VIPKid is my main gig! Ahmad and I, with three dogs [...]

V.I.P.anda Kasey Mauro

Kasey Mauro Name Kasey Mauro  Attribution Name Kasey EX (there may be some floating around the cloud): Referral links/websites you’d like us to include Instagram - Teacher Kasey - @teacher_kaseyex Your Location Clayton, North Carolina Company(ies) you teach for VIPKid mostly! I [...]

V.I.P.anda Recommended Reads

📚 Recommended Reads 📚 Are you looking for that next can't-put-it-down book? Look no further--a few V.I.P.andas gave us some great suggestions for these titles, some of which are available as audiobooks too. Krista Kate Goodwin The Life-Changing Magic of [...]

V.I.P.anda Tiffany Leslie

Tiffany Leslie This was my Christmas background!  I keep my pandas up all the time and just change the rest of the background to seasonal.  I love pandas!! (Can you tell?) Tiffany Leslie enjoys the "mom life" in Texas! After her [...]

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