About Gabrielle Allemeier

Along with my amazing career as an ESL teacher, I’ve been fortunate enough to write for blogs such as Feedback Panda. As well as loving my job, my interests include traveling far and wide, playing piano, listening to Finnish metal, reading material from every genre, Netflix bingeing, cooking, rescuing animals, watching the stock market, linguistics, studying German, and renovating my old cabin-style home! One of my goals is to visit at least 25% of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, but in the meantime, I live in Florida with my dog, Thisbe and my cat, Pete.

V.I.P.anda Allen Arnold

Allen Arnold Allen Arnold teaches from the Equality State, AKA Wyoming. After he's done with his VIPKid lessons, he teaches Special Ed at Riverton High School. Like many of us online teachers, Allen came from a different background entirely. He started out in [...]

FeedbackPanda vs. Spreadsheets

FeedbackPanda vs. Spreadsheets I just googled the person who created the first electronic spreadsheet. His name is Dan Bricklin, and he started the spreadsheet movement in the late 1970s. This is an incredible accomplishment; programs such as Excel and Google Sheets have completely changed [...]

V.I.P.anda Kendra W.

Teacher Kendra W. Kendra W. has plenty of hands-on experience with children. Her educational and professional backgrounds are in social work. She was a social worker for twenty years before she started teaching online a year ago. Teacher Kendra also homeschools her two [...]

V.I.Panda Elayne Lemieux

Elayne Lemieux Elayne, her husband, and two of their five fur-kids. Name: Elayne Lemieux Location:  Montréal, Québec, Canada Instagram Handles: @elaynelemieux Other Websites: Tiny Paws Dog Rescue Wienerfest Elayne met her students when she won the coveted trip to [...]

V.I.P.anda Jennifer J.

Teacher Jennifer J. Our V.I.Panda this week is Teacher Jennifer J., who hails from Arkansas. Seen above is a portrait one of her VIPKid students drew for her. Jennifer is very proud of this portrait. We, of course, all know that earnest feeling [...]

V.I.P.anda Elayna Gallea

Elayna Gallea Elayna Gallea wears many hats with VIPKid. She is a teacher first, but she's also a Mock Class Mentor to applicants and a Community Ambassador on VIPKid's official social media forum. When she's not helping out prospective or established teachers, she's [...]

V.I.P.anda Heather Bentley

Heather Bentley Heather Bentley loves going to VIPKid organized events, so if you live somewhere in Kansas, there's a good chance you'll see her at one! She most recently attended VIPKid Journey in Orlando, and you can even briefly see her at the [...]

Do Online Teachers Need Makeup?

Do Online Teachers Need Makeup? First and foremost, appearance has nothing to do with our teaching ability; how we choose to present ourselves is a personal choice. However, teaching online brings about another challenge--the camera. We are forced to think of our appearance a [...]

V.I.P.anda Laura Risdall

Laura Risdall Name: Laura Risdall Location:  Minnesota, about forty-five minutes west of Minneapolis YouTube Channel: click Laura Risdall {VIPKID Teacher!} VIPKid Referral Link:  click here. Code is LAURA0257 Teachers Pay Teachers Link: click Miz Riz Elementary Resources Blog:  click here Wife, Mom, [...]

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