About Gabrielle Allemeier

Hi there, fellow ESL teachers! I love traveling far and wide, playing piano, listening to Finnish metal, reading books from every genre, Netflix bingeing, cooking, rescuing animals, watching the stock market, linguistics, studying German, and renovating my old cabin-style home! One of my goals is to visit at least 25% of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, but in the meantime, I live in Florida with Thisbe the Dog and Pete the Cat. If you'd like to ask me questions about any of my articles, please feel free to follow me or contact me on Instagram @ESLwithGabrielle.

Taking Care of #1: YOURSELF!

Taking Care of #1: YOURSELF! Teaching online ESL from the comfort of our homes is a dream job. Thus, we don't realize the insidious threat of burn-out. Teachers, no matter the institution, have one trait in common. They spend the better part of [...]

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