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I'm Gabby! I love animals, Netflix, and plant-based cooking. When I'm not in Florida, I'm embarking on a new adventure abroad.

Teaching ESL to Adults: Learnship

HQ: Cologne, Germany Founded: 2008 No. of Students: 25,000 No. of Teachers: 1,000 Learnship primarily caters to multinational corporations. You might recognize a few of them--Amazon, Google, BMW, Daimler-Chrysler, and Lufthansa, just to name a few. In fact, Learnship is the ultimate B2B language [...]

How Should I Use Smart Sentences?

How Should I Use Smart Sentences? FeedbackPanda’s smart sentence feature was created to give teachers the option to quickly insert frequently written words of advice to their students. How they are used varies from person to person, but they save time for all of us! [...]

ESL for Polish Students: Enkids

HQ: Poland Founded: 2018 No. of Students: Unknown No. of Teachers: ~20 Founded in 2018, this new online school caters to students in Poland. They won an award for "Best Startup" by ReaktorX, a visionary company in Warsaw that helps new businesses get off [...]

Feeling Guilty About Saying NO?

Feeling Guilty About Saying NO? “You have to take the bad with the good.” How many times have you heard this mantra, and how often has it rung true? It’s certainly true with online teaching. For countless weeks, and sometimes months, we teachers do our [...]

Online ESL Schools Outside of China

Online ESL Schools Outside of China If you’ve been an online ESL teacher for the past three-to-five years, chances are you’ve worked with some fantastic Chinese companies. With the move to EdTech communication and the improvements in infrastructure, many other countries in the world desperately [...]

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