Danielle Simpson

About Danielle Simpson

Danielle is the CoFounder of FeedbackPanda. As a teacher, Danielle saw the need for a tool to help teachers, to reduce burn out and stay focused on student success. Danielle is still teaching as well as singing and dancing when she gets the chance. She is also a certified Yoga and Meditation instructor and loves sharing these practices to help others create a life of abundance.

Standing While Teaching Online

Standing While Teaching Online The medical community often declares that sitting is the new “smoking” and that a sedentary lifestyle seems to be the cause for lots of health issues. So if you’re able, why not give standing while teaching online a try?  [...]

TPR in the Online Classroom!

TPR in the Online Classroom! What comes to mind when you hear the abbreviation “TPR?” Maybe you’ve heard that abbreviation before if you’re a lawyer (Termination of Parental Rights) or a businessperson (Third Party Recruiter)...but what does it mean in the world online [...]

Feedback Format

Feedback Format - The ingredients for great Feedback Helpful, honest feedback is one of the most valuable things that we can give to our students. When it is geared towards the student’s individual performance, it highlights their unique strengths and areas for [...]

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